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 Are you ready to crack and hack the game then let's start and take your mobile phones in your hand? ml lovers want a better result than other players and want to become masters of the game. they want some pro costumes are conditions. there are many levels which need costumes with more qualities & specialties. there are so many costumes in there but some of these are free and some have to purchase. the cosmix injector (cosmic injector free download for androids 2021) this injector gave you all costumes and awesome recalls for free without any cost.  

cosmix injector free download for androids offecial
mobile legends offer robust outfits for their awesome characters, drone view, recall options, and many other things in this app. which help in your better gaming experience. with the help of this app, you can look like a pro player and you have so many exciting pro player voices. you can also be known about where your enemy is and you can get and kill them to win the match. IN a safe way which you can win the match and without facing any difficulties in your way. this app is an anti band which is a fully secure app. some peo purchase some features from the Boonton store. those players want to change in the match. there are some other features which out of cost which are you unable to purchase. This helps you to free purchase features. some player wants to use hacking tools to unlock the premium features of the game for a better match. 

the cosmix injector is one of the best hacking tools for games and have modification tools like EZ stars and has the following stuff inside it. here are multi versions which are:

v = 15

v = 2.2

v =2.3

there are some other hackers which we offer you. ready to try it:

mod menu rappan ff

Tegal gaming injector

screenshots of the game:

features of cosmic injector:

skins ( for ML heroes)

few costumes are free for some time but there are so many costumes which you have purchase. this app gave you so many pro player skins which show you the best player in the match. with the help of these skins, your superhero looks like a disastrous & terrible warrior. the opponent player has are of you in this mind you are the best player in this match.

customize skins:

this is the best feature in this app. so many apps cont offer this feature for ML players & fans. you have 15+ options in which you have to choose with your will. you can choose funny skins, funny X spider man and much more. are you want to enjoy these free features then click on the free download for the androids button?

Effect recall::

there are some rules for MLBB, here you have to need some amounts of diamonds to recreate a fighter. if you have no diamonds, you have no more lives to play the match. For this thing here cosmic feature helps you which is recall e,g. free crown, super returns, and much more.

More features of cosmic injector:

Premium skins, including epic, starlight, and elite, etc.

free recall

the latest feature coming soon.

easy to use.

some user interfaces with dark mode.

many maps are available in features.

supporting & friendly with all androids devices and supporting the ML.

anti band.

no root access.

there are 103 ML heroes at this time. our website offers you the original latest version and we want to aware you there is a fake website that leakage your data. this app is a cheating app where you can hack the match.


everyone has not enough money to buy a premium package from the MLBB officials. but these items are limited and compulsory to change the game entirely. if you want to check & try this then click on the upper download link.

Are you ready to play than download this app on your mobile phone?  let's start this game.



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